Kate Emberson

I am Kate, I am the founder of Airhead and an experienced personal and professional coach.

For over 20 years I worked in large organisations shaping strategy, leading change, burning the midnight oil and helping others do the same. I have felt the thrill of that world and know how rewarding it can be, but have also been through the very real struggle of balancing work and home life. I have felt overwhelmed, ill and lost sight of what really matters. During these times I have drawn great strength and perspective from being outdoors, whether that be summiting a mountain or drinking tea in the garden.


Knowing that friends and colleagues also felt that pressure, and believing I could help, inspired me to build Airhead. Using my strengths as a powerful communicator, insightful coach and lover of the outdoors enables me to help people regain confidence and find meaning in their life and work. I love to focus on strengths and use them to their greatest effect. I encourage you to do more of what you are good at, and of what you love.

Our proprietary GRASP coaching model begins with the co-creation a meaningful goal. We take time to understand your current reality and consider the approaches you could take to make positive change. Then, with your strengths as the guide, we build an achievable and useful plan that secures success. We understand that you are busy and so we always write up each session to serve as an aide memoire, and keep you focussed.

"At Airhead we believe fresh air is good for your head..."

Hiking in the Highlands